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Some level of anxiety is indigenous to almost all things pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood.  Arguably the most poignant cause for anxiety is the unknown.   For some, "pregnancy and childbirth" means careful. and active management by skilled professionals. For others, pregnancy and childbirth are natural events usually requiring little intervention.  The reality is, the still somewhat mysterious entities of pregnancy and childbirth occur somewhere between active management, and nature.    Our consistent goal in all that we do in pregnancy is to get a healthy baby, and to keep baby's little breadbox, mama, healthy as well.  It is both art and science, and other parents help to bridge the gap of some of the exasperating aspects of pregnancy.  BellyCamp was created out of the premise that so much of pregnancy, and new baby, is more cartoon than clinical, and we're happy to provide parents an environment of easy exchange of information, stories, and tips. 
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