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 There is no shortage of information on pregnancy online, in magazines, and in books galore. It can frankly be a little overwhelming, and nurses like to make things as simple as possible. As a type of, "one stop shop" our site enables users to search for answers, asks questions, play games, blog all things pregnancy, adoption or surrogacy, or even set up polls for 'friends only' or the entire community. Paste the link where you and your partner are registered for baby and it becomes searchable using your username or email address. A non-registered user can successfully find your registry without logging in. Set up a business page, or search through posted business pages that may fit your needs as you look to find services such as lactation support, doula assistance, maternity wear, local childbirth classes, and the like. Set up groups as approriate and invite other users to join you in activities such as postpartum weight loss, planned natural childbirth support, planned c-section get the idea. Most importantly be safe on the web, and have a little fun!